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Posted by Angela
November 15, 2018
Won me back my baby from father who kidnapped him
I had to have Miss Matula make an emergency petition to get back my baby after his father tried to steal him and leave for Florida (and only heaven knows what plans he had for our son after Florida because he has family in Cuba). Miss Matula won my case, got custody back with me and made sure that the Dad’s access would be forever prohibited from leaving the country without prior written permission from the court. I was very happy with her as my lawyer and I would recommend her to anyone!

Posted by Chris
February 14, 2018
Updated knowledge of Same Sex Marriages/Custody
I was so proud that Ms Anna Matula-Evans was MY LAWYER during a dreadful divorce from my wife. Ms Matula-Evans is LGBTQ+ Literate and familiar with the newest laws and protecting our community’s rights which were formerly in place only for the straight people in our society. Living, and especially DIVORCING in Kingston & New Paltz, we need a legal scholar comfortable in handling these unfolding issues of law. Ms Matula-Evans knows her stuff so well she was ‘schooling’ all the lawyers in the room including the Judge! I don’t know about you but that’s the kind of lawyer I want on my side to fight against the ignorance that has been part of society for hundreds of years.

Posted by Teresa
January 19, 2018
Attorney Matula Evans was my attorney during a very complicated divorce proceeding. Ms. Evans was extremely kind and professional at all times. Her wisdom and legal experience spoke volumes.
I would hire Ms. Matula Evans again. Her actions made a huge positive difference in my life.
We are truly fortunate to have Ms. Matula Evans make legal problems become extraordinary miracles!

Posted by anonymous
March 15, 2016
Yesterday, my divorce finalized with Anna Evans. I am very happy with her services and help. She was always up on the current laws and she was always ready to take on the other side. She tried to help my family save money through this by trying to settle but was willing to go all the way to trial since my husband’s lawyer kept pushing hard for that. I would hire Anna again in Family Court if I need help.

Posted by anonymous
October 18, 2013
She’s got a gift
Anna’s got a gift for dealing with difficult, impossible ex’s. My ex-wife is the hardest person to get along with or reason with. Anna was able to settle a case that I NEVER thought would end or settle. She’s got a gift because in all the years I knew my wife not many people could handle her and Anna was able to negotiate a very good deal for me while working on the other side from my wife’s. I would hire her again if I ever need a lawyer in the future.

Posted by anonymous
June 28, 2012
Compassionate and Clever lawyer
I found Anna to be compassionate and clever. For me, it was fantastic. She handled my Westchester County divorce that just ended. I went into her office broken and end my divorce now, a couple of years later, a happy and secure client. What more could you want?

Posted by anonymous
June 20, 2011
Mrs. Matula-Evans represented me in an Order of Protection case in Family Court in Dutchess County. I found her to be very knowledgeable, patient & caring. She was my assigned attorney since the case involved domestic violence and you hear a lot of horror stories about free lawyers and that they just push you through the system. I never felt that way with this lawyer. I felt like I was her lifelong client. I felt that I was being protected by our court system when I need it most.

Posted by anonymous
December 17, 2010
A1 Professional
This Atty is top notch professional and knows how to get the results you need. During this turbulent divorce having her representing me was invaluable. Highly recommended!

Posted by anonymous
December 11, 2010
My wife had me thrown out and had me arrested & without Anna’s help I wouldn’t have made it through that tough time
I won’t mislead you, Anna is not cheap. It costs money to have solid legal representation but you get what you pay for. My wife hired probably the most outrageous lawyer in Kingston who stopped at nothing to win for her. She lied, cheated and did anything to win. Anna held her own against this scavenger and fought her back so hard, it drove the other lawyer bananas. Anna was my rock throughout my divorce. I relied on her so much. I wouldn’t have made it through the trauma without her. It didn’t matter one bit that Anna wasn’t a lifetimer from Kingston. I think it actually helped because she comes from downstate where lawyers are cut from a different cloth. Our case went on for a long time but I felt the Judge was impressed by Anna and was much more impressed with my lawyer than the lawyer my wife had. The last thing is that Anna is a busy lawyer but when I needed her, she even puts her personal life on hold for me. Anna went above and beyond what I think most lawyers would have done.

Posted by anonymous
August 22, 2010
If you want results, Pick Anna
Anna comes off as a super sweetie, which she is, but she is a tough cookie when she is in the courtroom. The way her brain works will amaze you. She knows the law well and dosen’t miss a step. Every aspect of my case from calls to courtroom appearances were right on point. I put all my trust in her and she did her job perfectly.

Posted by anonymous
July 25, 2010
If you want to win custody-she’s the one
I switched to Anna after it looked like I was going to lose custody of my kids when my ex hired a snake lawyer and Anna came in and took control of things and turned my case around. I will forever be grateful because my kids ended up where they belong.

Posted by Satisfied former client
October 22, 2009
Satisfied client
I was satisfied with her and would recommend her. I hired her for my divorce from my husband after 25 years. She was up to date on most recent laws and I felt confident with her representing me. My husband’s lawyer gave her a run for his money but she held up strong against him and I think scored better for me than my husband’s lawyer did for him. Don’t let her nice demeanor fool you, she’s a tough cookie when it counts and it throws the other side off because they never see it coming.

Posted by anonymous
August 20, 2009
I recommend her to anyone going through divorce
I used Ms. Matula for my separation and then divorce and I found her to be an outstanding lawyer. I think she really cares about her clients and I don’t know how many lawyers you can say that about. I recommend her to any of my friends that are going thru divorces and stuff like that.

Posted by anonymous
May 1, 2008
Hire her
This attorney was competent and got the results I wanted. Well worth investing in the legal fees, you won’t be sorry. I wasn’t.